Application Centre Help!

Anyone know how to make the application centre rank users to there next rank instead of a certain rank?

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I could possibly help! I think you can do

local RankId = PassedRank + 1 -- UPDATE MEEEEEEEEE (must be: Member = roleId 1, Trainee = roleid 2, etc. If you do + 2, it should be: Member = roleid 1, Traine = roleid 3, etc etc.

(i might be wrong)

	local url_with_data = url.."?user_name="..plr.Name.."&key=".. APIKEY.."&groupid=" ..groupId.."&role_number="..RankId

What’s the use case of this?

It’s more efficient to just use the rank Id of the rank above, we are over engineering the system, there is a promote endpoint however there’s simply no point of using it.

I want to create an automatic training system but when users complete it they will pass to there next rank!

There is no point of this, if it’s for the application centre we should simply use the rank Id, it’s one singular number, there is no need to over-complicate it.

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