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:wave: Hey there, everyone! I am Alejandro, please, call me Alex! I am the Lead Developer & Founder of Aqnitai Platform. I am interested in expanding to more people in the cafe, hotel, etc. industries, and pretty much anyone who owns a group on the Roblox Platform!

Aqnitai will offer many different products, that include --but are not limited to – Staffing Interface (Manage all of your staff’s activity, LOA, etc.), Activity Tracking, Group Member webhooks, and Admin Abuse detection.

Modern Staffing Interface
Let's be honest here, you are tired of using good ol' Trello boards that get raided every other week. Well, our Staffing Interface can get rid of that Trello board!

Please allow me to explain - Not only do we just have a very nice interface, we get rid of those logging boards full of old sessions, termination, etc. with our interface, but you can also solve it all within 2 clicks and a brain, and you can do it all! Yes, you heard me right, all you do in our interface, is click on one button under the logging section – has yet to be created – fill out the very simple form, and click the “Add” button, and there you go.

For sessions, that is a different thing! All of our workspaces contain a script that you just need to put into your game, that will connect to the workspace. In the game, all you gotta do is just run this command:

!logsession host’s username co-host’s username

While that does seem simple, have you noticed that there are no training username fields? Well, that is due to the fact that we will have a drop-down menu containing all of the staff members’ usernames that you can just click on them to add!

Okay, the last section of this drop-down, we promise! LOA tracking, who doesn’t love leaving work? I know I do :raising_hand_man:! Okay, but in all seriousness, you are also tired of telling your staff to log their days off in another Trello board, right? If so, the system that has been dedicated to LOAS’ is very easy! We have a very simple form that just contains 2 fields, yes 2 fields! You just fill out the LOA calendar and the reason for the LOA, and you are all set!

We love to make this very simple! :sparkling_heart:

Group Member webhooks
Let's be honest, you are tired of constantly looking at your member count waiting for it to go up? Well, it got easier, we promise! You can create one when we launch, it will only take approx. 30 seconds! All you do is you fill out a simple form and you are all set!

Below is a sample message of what it would look like when it got sent both, decreasing and increasing:

We have lost a member :frowning: , our member count is now at count and we have subtracting count to get to goal until we reach member goal count

We have gained a member :smiley: , our member count is now at count and we have subtracting count to get to goal until we reach member goal count

We are in the early stage of development, and will post regular updates under this message! Should you have a question, comment, and(or) concern, please feel free to reply to this message as well!

Our simple website can be found at;
If the fourm is closed, please contact us via email! You can do so by clicking here

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