Are copyrighted logos allowed in games?

I want to make a realistic game and it uses the apple logo.

Is the this a copyright violation?

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Monkey :orangutan:

Of course it is. Apple can report your game for using their logo without consent.

Another tip, you can always refer to the logo usage policies.

I’d say you can use the logo at whatever cost, as we see many games on Roblox use the same logo. Yes I’m doing iMedia and I learn about copyright, but Apple won’t be roaming roblox looking for people to take down just because of their logo.

Doing something like this is violating copyright either way, and it isn’t really the right thing to do. Everyone must respect copyrighted assets, we cannot simply take them knowing that it’s wrong.

On a side note, anybody can report the game for copyright violations, not only Apple themselves.

Okay, so I can go into ANY roblox game and find no copyright logos there? I have seen THOUSANDS of copyrighted logos like Twitter, Instagram, Discord and none of them have been taken down. Apple isn’t going to do the same.

Fair use rules exist…

As I said earlier, it doesn’t have to be Apple Corporation who views Roblox themselves, we obviously know there are millions, if not billion of users, who cooperate keeping the Roblox community safe though reporting the game which uses copyrighted content.

They do, but many don’t allow logo usage without permission.

Okay, so when I go into a game and I see a copyright logo, does that I am okay to use copyright logos? Yes. Roblox doesn’t moderate copyright logos, they only moderate the bad decals that come up to keep the community safe.

No. This is a simple Roblox standard that also states the fact that if someone is doing something wrong, that doesn’t mean you follow them. Roblox moderation may not be the best, but that doesn’t mean you should attempt to bypass the filters.

You can use the logo in the game, could you get a copyright request - Yes.

Sometimes companies like having their logos being used in games, sometimes not.

It’s really your choice if you want to take the risk, will I recommend doing this, no, can you do it - Yes, could you get a copyright strike - Yes.

It’s just very dependant.

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