Are roblox gift boxes coming back?

Some YouTubers were making videos about the Roblox halloween gift boxes, many youtubers were saying how sad it was that roblox doesn’t do this anymore.

According to SharkBlox, you would buy the box & then a couple of days later they would open, and you would receive a certain item. The final year roblox did do this was 2016.


After that roblox discontinued this trend.

Normally Roblox doesn’t communicate via there Twitter, but Roblox actually came out on twitter and acknowledged that gift boxes don’t exist.


This is pretty interesting, as they used to do Christmas ones, which were free, and you needed to complete minigames to get them.

Do you think these should come back?


This feels like something that would be so fun, I miss the egg hunts and things like this, would bring you somany new roblox game.

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Personally I would love to see these come back but I don’t think just because Roblox responded on twitter it’s coming back.

As you may know there is a small group of highschoolers(including david baszuki’s daughter) running the Official Roblox Tiktok and I assume people similar are just having fun on the Official Roblox Twitter. They’ve teased jokes before and this might just be another “joke” or something they’re doing for fun

Who knows, it would be great if this was re-introduced, it would also be great if you could buy it for friends.

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Many YouTubers have been covering this topic, it seems as if people are making this possible by modifying an existing mesh of a product after the user has purchased it, thus changing the avatar item and behaving as a “gift.”

I personally think the gift-boxes should come back, it would add some more interesting stuff on the platform for those who are new, and want to experience somethings on there that they haven’t seen before.

When people are making these gift-boxes, they are all paid so you’re basically paying for a gift that might not even open, so it’s just a profit for those who make all the UGC for it.

Yes, that is completely agreeable.

These developers creating “mimics” of the Roblox gift boxes can’t always be trusted, for example they can easily change the mesh anytime they want to something better, worse, or even rule-breaking.

Roblox should bring back official gift boxes to combat this, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with buying gifts that could be fake — or good at first — and then potentially get my account moderated if the item mesh was changed to something innapropriate later on.