Are roblox "robux minigames" ethical?

Hi everybody,

I recently joined my friend in a game called “Double Down :game_die:” which is a game where you pay Robux to play minigames and the winner can get Robux.

This pretty much sounds like gambling and I’m pretty certain that this violates the roblox terms of service?

What are your opinions and should these types of games be wiped of Roblox?

Is this one of those ‘plz donate’ rip offs where you you do mini games, and you can donate to the winner?

But yes, I have just checked out the game and it is gambling. It has been up for awhile so there must be some sort of loop-hole which means it’s big cast as gambling?

I’m not sure.

I was having a debate with somebody on their official Discord server (Keep in mind this member is not a staff member and also should not be attacked, the maroon member and orange member is staff ).


Aggressive response

Yeah, seem like they don’t want to say it’s gambling to avoid trouble.

What are your thoughts in this?

My thoughts are displayed in the discord conversation, I actually do believe it’s unethical to encourage children to gamble.

Yeah and isn’t it illegal, as you are encouraging children to engage in addiction?

Also, the fact they are using drinking water as an example?

Yeh, that’s pretty stupid, in addition to that they have a flipping dice in the title and they have chance games like rock paper scissors shoot, ridiculous…



I don’t think they understand what gambling is, because the fact they are saying they think the game is ethical when it is clearly breaking TOS and possibly (don’t quote me in this) the law there is clearly something fishy going on here. :male_detective:

Whoever ‘blue thicc fish’ is has definitely got the wrong understanding of the situation as they think that drinking water is gambling? Then saying they are going to spontaneously combust? It’s not a game of ‘what if’, it’s a game of ‘why are you breaking the law?’ Heck, they are going to get into trouble one day.

The literal definition of gambling off of Google is “Gambling is the wagering of something of value on a random event with the intent of winning something else of value, where instances of strategy are discounted. Gambling thus requires three elements to be present: consideration, risk, and a prize”.

Yes, these devs are covering it up and trying to promote gambling to children. I take it they just didn’t listen in English to their definitions.

Honestly, Roblox needs to get their act up on keeping 17+ instead of leaving it and focusing on less important jobs.

In the UK you can’t gamble until your 18+ and in the US casion gambling 21+. So this doesn’t even matter if you’re 17+

Wonder who that friend is :wink: Either way, seems like they’ve found a small loophole in Roblox’s TOS, since they have a tab called “TOS” on their game, and it hints that they’re using a loophole to keep the game up.

But it’s something they could do to prevent people getting addicted to gambling at a young age.

Also, the game name has a definition.
“strengthen one’s commitment to a particular strategy or course of action, typically one that is potentially risky.”

The game name basically says it’s risky.

They don’t need prevention, they need stopping. Its against the law to gamble under the age of 18 in the UK, and 21 in the US.

And, the fact they are saying its ‘ethical’, and ‘you gamble by being alive’ is generally ridiculous.

That’s actually a fact