Arostó | Medium Rank Applications

Greetings, Cookie Tech! I am happy to announce that on behalf of Arostó, the Staffing Department is opening MR applications to look for potential members of the team.

In order to apply, you must meet the requirements below and pose good values to meet our standards. Your application will be reviewed and graded based on grammatical skills, quality and professionalism.

If you pass the application, you will need to work hard and complete your duties or you may be demoted.

➔You must be a member in our group.
➔ You must be the age thirteen or older, ensure that you don’t have safe chat.
➔ You must have 3+ sentences per lengthy response question.
➔ We advise you to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Thoroughly check your application.


We also advise that you are in our Communications Server.

There will be no limit on application passers, however we are looking to hire the most active and professional people. Best of luck to everyone! I hope to see some amazing applications.


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