Aryzua's UK License Plate Generator

Welcome to my UK License Plate Generator!

UK License plate Generator is a product that allows you to place realistic UK plates on a vehicle with no hassle at all!

This is a free product for everyone and you do not have to credit me for this, but I would be happy if you did.

Here is an example of it used on a vehicle:

This also randomly generates the registration number on the plate.

Model: aryzua’s UK Plate Generator.

UKPlateGenerator.rbxm (12.9 KB)

Thank you in advance for using it!

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Any questions? Please reply to this comment and I will try to get to you as soon as possible.

Looks good, may I ask how you got the plates or are they just random numbers and letters?

here i can show you the script:

local pattern = "XX0o XXX"
local plate = ""

for i = 1, #pattern do
	local c = string.sub(pattern, i, i)
	if (c == "o") then
		plate = plate..tostring(math.random(6,9))
	elseif (c == "X") then
		plate = plate..string.char(math.random(65,90))
		plate = plate..c

for i,v in pairs(script.Parent.Plates:GetChildren()) do
	v.SGUI.Identifier.Text = plate
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Ah, okay. I was just curious that’s why! :nerd_face:

It gets the normal pattern for a standard UK license plate, which is “XX00 XXX”, X being a letter and 0 being a number. Then it generates random numbers for 0 and random letters for X. Then they combine those letters together and scramble it so it is is somewhat like the pattern and then puts it inside of the plates.

I thought you weren’t a scripter as you said :thinking: looks like a nice easy script tho.

Yes i asked chatgpt to write it out for me :nerd_face:

Don’t always use AI. It’s not always accurate, and break very easily. So, you didn’t make it then?

If you’ve AI generated that entire script, I wouldn’t consider the entire project as “yours” necessarily, but the concept here is really cool! I’d definitely want to use this and make adjustements to match the plate format for my area.

A suggestion, though … you could potentially code a plugin where there are several settings for the plate format for different provinces within several countries, that would also be quite unique.

The code looks fine to me, doesn’t look like it will break, but it’s definitely not their work, but a nice idea!