Attempt to index nil with 'Chair'


How to fix this?


local sit = script.Parent.sit

local cheat = script.Parent.buttons.Cheat

local Shop = script.Parent.buttons.Shop

local Gui = script.Parent.buttons

local Plot = workspace:WaitForChild("Plots"):GetChildren()

local prox = Plot.WorkingSpace.Chair.Seat.ProximityPrompt

while wait() do

if prox.Enabled == false then

Gui.Visible = true

elseif prox.Enabled == true then

Gui.Visible = false


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This just means that on line 7, “chair” does not exist:m. Make sure you’ve capitalized everything and spaced it correctly and the name matches. I hope this helps!

P.S. I added some code blocks to your text to make your post more neat. Please use them next time!

Everything is good i think
Oh and there’s the path:

Hold on-, What are you trying to achieve, there may be a much more efficient way of achieving what you want to achieve.

I want to the proximityprompt works

local Plot = workspace:WaitForChild(“Plots”):GetChildren() all parts in folder plots

local prox = Plot.WorkingSpace.Chair.Seat.ProximityPrompt proximity for all plots

Can you describe that in more detail, I didn’t exactly understand.

I’m trying to make proximtyprompt for chair for all plots (There are 4 plots). All of plots it’s in same folder soo I use local Plot = workspace:WaitForChild(“Plots”):GetChildren() to get all plots from folder. Then i tried to make the proximityprompt for all plots with: local prox = Plot.WorkingSpace.Chair.Seat.ProximityPrompt but idk why in code is a error that’s say:
Attempt to index nil with ‘Chair’

did you understand?
is it understandable?

I’m still kinda confused.

what you don’t understood?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

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