Auto Uniform Giver

I have done my uniform giver script, but it doesn’t work.

This my script:

local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)

local groupid = 16393876
local minrankid = 235

local shirt = script.Uniform.Shirt.ShirtTemplate
local pannts = script.Uniform.Pants.PantsTemplate

Players.playeradded:Connect (function(player)
	local RankIdGroup = player.getrankingroup(groupid)
	if RankInGroup >= minrankid then
		local playercharacter = player.character
		playercharacter.shirt.shirtTemplate = shirt
	playercharacter.pants.pantsTemplate = pants

Hey there, next time set your category to #scripting-support, for now I’ve done it for you.

Can you edit your post to use code tags?

What do you mean by that?

Use code tags, edit your post above and put code tags around the code.


(I added code tags for you)

It’s player:GetRankInGroup(groupid).
Also, you spelled the variable for pants wrong.

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