!autogroup system

how can i make a !autogroup system? so ( group a,b,c,d,e ) and a command for !host , !co host , !spectator and !trainer?

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Hey! Welcome to Cookie Tech, the best place on the internet! :slight_smile:

I highly suggest using one of the following methods:

  • Butterfly v1.01 is easy to set-up and has a nice UI (plus it can do what you’re looking for)

Alternatively, you could always write your own script :slight_smile:

You may notice I’ve changed the name and category of this post for ease of reading, and this should be categorized in “Scripting Support” as you’re looking for help with a script.


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I highly recommend butterfly, as it is SUPER reliable and also I helped make it.

It is no longer maintained and is bound to contain bugs in several places.

Yes, but it’s always free, and it should be easy to debug!

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