Automated Training for Military Group

So the automated rank by Cookie’s tutorial works so great, but how to make the AI like in some military game, the character walk by itself and do JJ’s until 10 times and then NPC Instructor talk and you answer the question to pass to obby? Anyone can help?

Keep in mind it’s pre-scripted, not an AI, however you can try using pathfinding for this.

Yes, but how to make so like in military game usually there are pads, and if there is a player on the first pad, the other player will directly pathfind to second pad?

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You can use scripts to detect when the part is touched.

Yes but how to detect is the first pad already has person, another player directly to second pad

You will need to research this, unfortunately, it will be too time-consuming to teach you how to make the entire code.

It might be better to learn how to script & then use that knowledge on how to make this system!

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I mean just small reference maybe?

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What would you like to be referenced?

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This beginner tutorial by AlvinBlox may help!

How To Script On Roblox 2021 - Episode 1 (Properties) - YouTube

No, I know how to script , well not pro definitely, I was just don’t have the logical yet in my mind just about to check if there is person on first pad, the other person automatic to second pad, etc. I already use your reference to move the character and works and also for npc dialogue(instructor) to obby when they finish answer the question, just yeah only about the pad.

Is it works if i make with for loops the pad, well i made the pad with pad1, pad2, etc, so i just make for i, pad in pairs Pads:GetChildren() check if part[i] is touched, newPartMove = part[i+1] and make player move to newPartMove

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Can you try explaining to me what you need in deeper description please?

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So what I need is, because I already able to move the player, but what I want is this, because in Military theme group game you know there are pads right? So I want like this if there is player 1 on Pad 1, I want to make the other player move to Pad 2, the same if there is player on pad 2, the next player move to Pad 3, etc…

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Ah, I see!

So basically, you can get a list of who is currently touching part 2 (for example).

And then when somebody touches pad 1 make it so it does something with that list.

Something like this might be useful, it returns a table of all parts that intersect and can collide with this Part:


Example output:


If you get the parent of that part you should be able to check if it’s a humanoid or not!

Ah I see so i just use that and check if there is humanoid , the other player move to the next pad. Thank you!


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