Automatic quiz center not working, giving a error

Hello everyone!, i am new to the community. also to cookie tech’s channel.

i will just get right to the point.

Heres my problem, every time i test the quiz with a alt or in studio it gives me this error:


[ if the pic doesn’t show up heres what it says: HTTP 404 (not found) ]

if needed here are my logs:

[blurred some stuff out because i do not want anybody to get my API key, or cookie]




[if i don’t respond I’m offline/asleep]

[sorry for possible bad grammar]

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Hiya, welcome to the community.

Are those all the logs or have you cut something off?

Yes they are all the logs, i cut the stuff out because its my api key.

Rather nobody steal it.

Are you using the correct path (url) on your roblox code?

yes i am, pretty sure.

Can we see from your code?

sorry, but may i ask what code?

not really good at understanding some things.

Instead can I see the value you set for your ApplicationUrl?


sure, give me one minute.

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do you need the link or just ss it?

Copy and paste what you set as the value.

alright here:

Is that what you set as the value in roblox studio?

for my appurl, yes i did.

It should be domain/group/rank :slight_smile:

So in your case:

ohhh, may i ask how would i be able to fix that?

Update the value to be:

okay done, i have some bad news now…

a new error has showed.

Now we need to see the heroku logs.

alright. give me a second