Automatic Ranking

Is there anyway how to automatic ranking bot now, because everytime I access whether with Glitch or Cookie’s Tutorial it always log out my bot account and you know log out = cookies change, so it’s like never work again. Anyone know how to fix it?


First off, never EVER use Glitch for roblox ranking. When you make it, it costs money to make the project private so people can access your cookie and hack you. (it has happened to me before, instantly regret it.)

Yeh, so using our heroku tutorial should work, since you can pick were you want your server to be with heroku that should work, the cookie only resets when the continent is changed.

This method is also safe & secure and does not propose the same security risks as heroku.

But I want to ask, if I’m outside of EU/US. How? So people like us need to have our own server for our continent? or using VPN? But I want to ask though, even if using VPN, is it only when i log in and to get the account’s cookie or all the time, because I use the bot 24 hours right?

But I want to ask for heroku, is it better to use python one , like your tutorial or using noblox js(Node.js) version?

Pick the closest server to you.

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Doesn’t matter, that’s up to you, I personally use the python libary but you can use whatever you want.

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