Avatar Chat & Voice Chat Together

Game Link: Avatar Showcase-(Working) - Roblox

A couple of days ago anybody could have entered this game but since then it has become restricted.

The thing is, this just doesn’t even look like Roblox:

This actively syncs to your voice and your head movements, that’s crazy.

What are your opinions on these new characters and game ideas and who do you think will actually use these features?

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I have to agree with you, this is absolutely crazy … in fact, it’s absolutely revolutionary for Roblox!

I’ve seen a clip of Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft test this out, and it’s quite insane and interesting (but also creepy) to see just how far technology has taken us and what can be made possible in the future.

I look forward to seeing this feature roll out to all Roblox players when it’s out of its testing stage! This will be very useful for genres such as roleplay and action.