Aventar -- The better ranking service

Aventar is a new ranking service, better then anyone.


We have cheap prices, for premium! Premium is only $10 AUD (even less in the US), so you know we are cheap.


Roblox Studio (when you open the application game file)

Alright, so a few things.

You’re going to have to prove that it is better than other ranking services, such as Hyra or even RankGun. Your UI looks decent but I would prefer something more modern-themed.

The API is currently being created. We are also trying to work on API flexibility while in development. We will have a sharp 200 requests per minute for each workspace.

Thinking of what I should use for DDOS protection. Maybe you guys could help by suggesting things?

We might open next year? Who knows.

The post will be updated with more information when we can.

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I’d suggest using CloudFlare for DDoS protection … it may cost you a bit of money, so I’d suggest doing that when you start seeing growth in your service.

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** This post won’t be updated much, join our discord above for more information.

One Question, Why would I buy premium or even configure this to my group ?

for now, u cant do anything the api is being created


Aventar will be starting off at a Roblox Game, the panel is just in the game, you can still use the API for trainings, ect.

How will this be unique?
Why would people use this over RankGun/Hyra?


I was working on a panel UI before, but it looked ugly, so I will do a complete UI overhaul on it.

How long will this overhaul take? Also, is the 1-year release time still in effect or has that changed because of this overhaul?

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1-2 weeks

It depends, I have a job.

This seems really promising for a ranking service. I might use it soon for some future groups.

Question, do you plan on taking the panel to a website soon, or will it stay on a roblox game?

I’m planning on taking it to a website a while after it released, but with domains being expensive and all that, I might just stick to a roblox game.

API Details

This reply will house the API documentation.

Ranking API

This part of the post will house the Ranking API Documentation.









That UI looks suspiciously close to Hyra’s, it looks like you took their UI and just changed a few minor details such as rounding the corners and claimed it as your own.

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Its based off of Hyra’s old UI, I am changing it currently.

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bye bye aventar, hello livi ranking.

I don’t really get it, isn’t this just a rebrand to Aventar? Nothing has really been done here either and you’re already replacing it with Livi ranking services.

If you ask me I’d say it’s time to step things up and make some actual progress, we haven’t seen this in any of your previously announced-and-abandoned projects.

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