[BA Essentials] Custom commands(Anti Abuse Caps). Need help

Need make Anti AA system. When player send in chat words with caps (AHHHAHA). The system notifies the user via PM(You have warned because use caps. 3 warns = kick).

Hey! Welcome to the forums. Next time, please categorize your topic to the correct category. (I’ll do it for you this time). Also. can you be more specific in your request?

lastly, you should try searching before posting. Other people may have had the same questions/requests as you and they might have been answered too!

Don’t find. Ok, sorry for category

Ok, so. You didnt find one. That’s alright. But do you mind being more specific in what you’re looking for? anything specific in an Anti Admin Abuse system? just edit your post and be more specific please.

Tried taking a look at?

You can that integrate that into it.

Tried. I’m wathed this video. But need Anti AA system for BA Essentials plugin.

Try using the same script inside of BAE and integrate the BAE functions.

Thanks. Can you make video about customize BA Essentials. Frames(forms etc)?

It’s probably a good idea as so many people ask it.

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