Badges not being awarded on completing challenges

Just to let staff here know I am not badge hunting!

Just wondering some badges don’t seem to be available anymore such as read 100 replies on a topic I at one point was reading through old post and happened to stumble on a post with 100 replies and read all of the replies I then found a badge for doing it but I never received this has happened on multiple occasions.

Changed category to Site Feedback and made title more specific, are you sure you’ve read every single post on a topic with over 100 replies?

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s because I was going semi fast since I glance and read but the system didn’t pick it up, I’ve also flagged a post I believe.

Sometimes the system doesn’t pick it up. Especially if you’re not reading everything.

What about the flagged post badge?

I belive that’s only if it was accepted.

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It’s was accepted the post I flagged got removed?

Not necessarily, if you flagged it for the wrong reason, then the post will still be handled but your flag will be denied.

Ah, alright! If you have time could you get back to me on they proper flag reason for the post.