BAE 2.0 || No-Reply PM

Hiya! This is my first time posting here, my group is trying to make it so that whenever you join a game, a non-reply PM like one in this post. Is there any possible way I can do so?

I apologize if this post is similar to any posts as I haven’t been reading much.

Main Module or Plugin?

If you read through this post How to open a PM through a Notif click in BAE 2.0 - #5 by yelnatsz I think it already has a answer. I’d need to see your code though.

This has already been solved in another topic here, I’m not sure if the instructions are clear so you can always contact the creator:

This is the exact post where the issue was How to open a PM through a Notif click in BAE 2.0

Hi! I’m looking to implement it into the main module.

Ah alright, got it, thank you! Still don’t know how to properly implement it however.

To do so, simply add the code to the plug-in, and implement the ‘notif’ and the ‘string’ features.

Alright, could you provide me an example? I’m not too familiar with scripting as I prefer building instead, I don’t want to mess up the main module.

I will look into the MainMoudle version today.

Thank you for helping me btw.

Make sure to mark the person who solved it as ‘solution’!

I don’t have a solution yet atm.

My fault, I didn’t look at the whole thing. Apologies.

It’s fine, don’t worry.

@yelnatsz Hello! Any updates? ^^

It’s the same if you want to do it with mainmodule but there’s a small change. I’ll quote it below:

Thank you! Would I just put this at the end of the MainModule or?

Continuing for the example, let’s say you want to send a PM with title “Message” and that the message within the pm being “hello, this is a message”. You’d do:

essentialsEvent:FireClient(Player,'PM',"Message",'hello, this is a message', false, false)

Let’s continue this in DMs as this will get off-topic.