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I have a problem with BAE2.

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Hey there! Welcome to the forums! :grin:.

Please let us know of your problem and one of our talented members can give ya a hand!

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Be more specific, please state your problem in your post.

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I have like, I added my group for my airport. The admin doesn’t give the ranks.

Can we say your BAE configuration file?

The settings like

Groupid: 14036499
Grouprank: 254
(Idk) “==”
Admin id 3

Can you send us the entire file?

Handy Tip:

Make sure to use code tags!

I can’t right now, Thomorrow I can I’m banned from Roblox so I can’t see the script.

Make sure not to show your datastore key!

He can show his datastore key, that doesn’t really matter.

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