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Hey there,

I am currently working on my own cafe game and I’ve seen a lot of other cafe games and hotels use this custom command. It is a recipe command. This is a command where you type !Recipes in chat or the command bar and it’ll pop up a table of all recipes. I have some screenshots of what I would like this to be like. I also have the main module and I’m a little familiar on making custom commands for BAE 2.0

Also sorry for the redness. Thats just the settings that game uses for bae.

Hey @Tray! :wave:

Welcome to the Cookie Tech Community. I believe they have created a custom plugin using BAE and then use the list feature in order to create that screen graphic.

You’ve given me a video idea. :camera:

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:camera:When will this so called “video” be out? :video_camera:


Yay, thank you! Is the plugin to the public? Is there another plugin for it similar?

Probably tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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The video is coming in 45 minutes. :watch:

If this fixes your problem mark it as solution!

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