BAE Donor Perks

Is there a way using BAE I can give a certain admin rank Donor perks?

if u say “!awardcape [username]” i think it gives them donor perks

It only gives them a cape if you do !cape it still requires to buy the pass.

use awardcape (user) i have just tested this this works

Hey there, let me assist you with this.

So, you want to add donor perks to your game? Take a look at this:

If you want to give it to someone temporarily, just say “!awardcape (user)”.

If you want to add a donor perks product, I suggest you research into this as we cannot provide you with a full script.

I hope this helps, if you find this helpful and need more help just DM me on cookie tech.


To add on to this, you can make the donor perks free by adding a free model as the item you need to buy to receive the perks, then just ask them to buy it then once they have, change the product to a payment then you’re all set, they will have a permanent cape whilst other users will need to buy it.