BAE group configuration

So basicly I need someone to configure basic admin essentials, I have all the command permissions set up, But the group configuration is not working. Like my friend who had a dev rank did not recive the admin. Please help!

Hey, I’ve moved your topic to #scripting-support as I believe it is more fitting. Do you have any errors in the output before we continue?

No I do not have any errors.

Can you send your configuration inside of code tags?

I’m just guessing, try this. I may be wrong, lmk.

[‘Tolerance Type’] = ‘==‘

Nope. Still does not work.

Run ;admins or ;mods when your friends in the game.

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I tried that and it said no one was a admin or mod except for me!

@Noah Do you have any solutions??

No, I’m not entirely sure what is causing this. Try using the > operator and see if that makes any change.

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So I figure out how to change the Basic Admin UI but now the command bar is now not working how do I fix that?

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