BAE2.0 - Help with making myself admin creator

Hi everyone!

I’m unable to figure out how I make someone the basic admin creator for my game please help

It’ll be amazing if someone was able to help

Hi, welcome to the forums! :orangutan:

Have you added the main module into your roblox game and imported it via BAE 2.0?

I’ve just done it now

Great, have you imported it via BAE too?

Yes it’s in the model

Should I place it in the plug-ins

No, place it as a child of BAE. Then show me an image of your explorer and configuration.

One moment please gimme a sec

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WAIT OMG THATS WRONG I fixed it correct

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Please follow this step process:

  1. Ensure your explorer looks like mine:

  2. Enter the Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 script, head to this line:

require(Configuration['Loader ID'])(Plugins,Configuration)

Replace with:

  1. Next head to the MainModule, replace these lines:
	Debuggers = {
		[17253583] = "TheFurryFish",

[YourUserId] = "YourUsername"

That should set you to the admin creator

Please remember to not use this with malicious intent; if this resolves your problem mark as solution.

Thanks so much! 123457890