BaicAdmin "TSA" Plugin

Hi! I have a problem with BasicAdmin, how to get the “TSA” ? i want this plugin but i dont know how to get that.

I think it’s plugin I am not sure.

Hello! Please clarify what you mean by “TSA”. Do you have any examples? Could you maybe define what you are looking for into more depth.

Ah, what they use at BloxStreet, as I said; this is the video for it by BodieBlox.

This is not a plugin, this is a new admin system that the formerly named “Target” company on Roblox has made. It is a remade Basic Admin but with only commands and configurations set to Bloxstreet/Targets liking. TSA also stands for Target Service Administrative. (Something like that)

You can’t do this with a plugin since plugins only work when they are executed. you need to do this in the ‘Essentials Code’ Local script and go to the bottom line and do something like (Im not sure) PendNotif(‘PM’,‘Title’,‘Context’,{Clear})

“TSA” is created by Bloxstreet Corporation. Most people get this wrong, but “TSA” is not “BAE 2.0”; it just shares a very similar UI’s. And “TSA” cannot be obtained!

It is BAE, they renamed it.

No, I actually asked the “Bloxstreet” developers, and they confirmed that it just has a similar UI. The “TSA” was developed by “Bloxstreet Corporation” and includes features such as integrated Anti-Exploit (a functional one), Integrated Logging, and a completely different configuration table. Just don’t ask me how I know about the configuration table.

Actually, I thought it was BAE 2.0, but I was wrong because if you look closely at how BAE 2.0 and TSA operate, they run very differently!

You need to fork the module

In the Essentials LocalScript scroll to the bottom and input this

PendNotif('PM', 'TSA', 'This server is protected.', {Clear})

Obviously replacing TSA with your system.

also you should put this in Development Support