Bakiez shut down!?

what do you guys think about Roblox Bakiez group shutdown

I didn’t know they shut down, but that sucks, they were one of the first groups to start the cafe genre.

Is this real? It’s strange how they didn’t pass it to a friend or something & quite sad seeing as the game was really well made and all the systems were really good, I learnt a lot from that group and they gave me a ton of inspiration.

Sad to see what happens. Does anybody know why this happened?

if you don’t believe me you can check the group page in it well says shutdown

I think the reason it shut down because the owner of it got terminated I do know why the discord server was terminated they were using it for dev link

dev link? What does that mean @ChunkyyLegacy

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Someone on the group wall stated this:

And, the owner is banned.