Basic Admin Essentials | Complete Guide

Recently, I’ve noticed that Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 has a lot of questions about changing the names of admin levels, creating more admin levels, customizing them with rounded corners, server is defended notifications and much more so I decided to create a community tutorial on this.

Before we start with the system, you’d need to get this model for this to work. Once you have the model, ungroup it in ServerScriptService and simply watch below how to do what you need.

Rounded UI's

To round off a UI of basic admin, simply follow these steps:

  1. Locate Essentials Client Under MainModule → Components.
  2. Open Base Clip.
  3. Find your UI and add a UICorner to it’s Body frame.

    And done!
Admin Names
  1. Under Mainmodule → Components, find Essentials Code and open.
  2. Go to line 2585 and edit as directed.
    The code looks like:

Please do not edit the DP or the code will break, you can edit the print statement “Basic Admin Essentials 2.0”.

Server is Defended

This may be a bit complex but follow correctly!

  1. Open Essentials Code (Under Mainmodule → Componenets)
  2. Paste the following code at line 1984:
local function sendNotif(Title,Desc,Data)
		local notificationContainer = baseClip:WaitForChild('Container')
		local Notification = notificationContainer:WaitForChild('Template')	
		local notifClone = Notification:Clone()
		local notifInner = notifClone:WaitForChild('Inner')
		local notifControls = notifInner:WaitForChild('Controls')
		local notifTitle = notifControls.Decoration:WaitForChild('Title')
		local notifExit = notifControls:WaitForChild('Exit')
		local notifOpen = notifInner:WaitForChild('Open')
		local notifDesc = notifInner:WaitForChild('Desc')
		notifClone.Name = 'Notif Clone'
		notifClone.Visible = true
		notifClone.Parent = notificationContainer
		notifTitle.Text = Title
		notifDesc.Text = Desc

		local receiveSound ='Sound',Workspace.CurrentCamera)
		receiveSound.Name = 'Notification'
		receiveSound.SoundId = 'rbxassetid://255881176'
		receiveSound.Volume = 1
		receiveSound.Pitch = 1
		receiveSound.PlayOnRemove = true

		notifClone.Position =,0,1,0)
		notifInner.Position =,0,1,0)

		if Data[5] then
			local Tag ='StringValue',notifClone)
			Tag.Name = "Tag"
			Tag.Value = Data[5]

		local exitConnection
		exitConnection = notifExit.MouseButton1Click:connect(function()
			if Data[5] then
				fireServer("Notification Transfer",{"Complete Message",Data[5]})
			for a,b in pairs(Stacks.Notifs) do
				if b == notifClone then

		local openConnection
		openConnection = notifOpen.MouseButton1Click:connect(function()
			fireServer('Notification Transfer',Data)
			for a,b in pairs(Stacks.Notifs) do
				if b == notifClone then

local layoutConnection
  1. Scroll to the end of the code at line 2720, leave one line and type the following:
sendNotif('Anti-Exploit','This server is defended.',{'clear'})

This will make the notification “Anti-Exploit”, “This server is defended.”

Adding more admin levels

Instead of me typing every step about this here, there is a youtube video which is highly recommended since by typing it may be hard for you to understand.

You can go watch it here: Adding more admin levels.

These are common things that I saw people having problems in. If you’d want me to make you things that aren’t mentioned here, please message me in the forum and I’ll get back to you.

I hope this post helped you, so I want to know if it did!

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This is kinda pointless considering that V3 is coming soon.

V3’s release isnt official. So don’t depend on it. And this is a tutorial for those who need it, if you don’t want to use Basic Admin 2.0, then I’ll only have to say that this post isn’t for you.

It is official. (20Char)

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I didn’t know but even if it is, some people may still want to use V2, and if they do then this is for them. I’ll make one for V3 once that’s out.

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Basic Admin Remade has almost all of this, and more. Why follow this when it’s already done for you?

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Good reply but it all comes back to WHAT IF. What if they dont want to? Since Basic Admin is more stabilized as from what I saw in BAR. (The settings)

I kinda doubt it, so there was the video by @anon39693593 and it’s deleted… Deleted Video - BAE 3.0

Basic admin v3 is official. I took down the video because people don’t know how to not cause drama over stupid stuff.

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bae v3 is being dev since it does say in the changelog that its coming this month

Great post! This is definitely useful for people who don’t really understand BAE 2.0. For the first part, “Server is defended,” I don’t think you need the code at line 1984. Of course, I might be wrong because I haven’t been using BAE 2.0 for over six months now! If V3 is released this month, I’ll make sure to check it out because I’ve been waiting for it for too long!

Y’know what’s kinda pointless? Your comment. He spent I don’t even know how long to write this guide for people who WANT TO USE V2!!! Tbh, if I have to be honest, BAE V3 looks like it’s for a SCP game more than anything. How about, instead of being negative, you try to make a guide?


ive done this and this isn’t working, (server is defended message). the place you tell me to put them are all messed up because of the code i put in first, i need help.

DM me on the Cookie Forums, i can help you with the Server is Defended message.