Basic Admin Essentials | pmlogs command

Hi everyone! I’m trying to make a pmlogs command on Basic Admin Essentials 2.0. What I want is that when a person says :pmlogs as the command in Basic Admin, a panel shows up and shows all the replies and messages that were done in pms. a example would be like “[user] privately messaged [user] with content:”

Is this a BAE plug-in?

The script I gave is a plugin but it doesnt support pmlogs.

Kk. I’ll have a look at the script further.

This wont work with a Plugin.

Why has this been flagged and hidden?

I’m aware, this is why I’m asking you how can I get about it.

Like no-private PMs?

Hmm, so to clarify:

Administrator: “pmlogs”

BAE: (brings up a list of all the PMs and reply’s that have been issued)

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Yes, I did find a no-private PMs video on YouTube, I’m trying to acheive this similar thing. But as in the video pms are logged into admin logs which I want a new list called “PM Logs”

Would you be up to adding this to our ‘ulogs’ command we have, Noah?

Nope, not in ulogs. I created another sysTable.pmlogs and added pmlogs to it meaning that I’ve gotten the pmlogs command.
Thanks for helping tho!

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