Basic Admin Essentials V3

Adding on, I did have a talk with r_r recently a few weeks ago so he said that he’s gonna change the admin version a bit or maybe fully. The issue he had was that the modules etc were on his old account (TheFurryFish) so he’d have to transfer them, and this is where it’s going now.

If you don’t know, BAE 2…0 was mainly made for the cafe Frappe. 7kayoh, r_r were the original workers upon this I believe and then it was decided to open-source the utility.

His old account? He just changed his names, a lot.

bae was not made for frappe…

It partly was; Frappe wanted an admin system, and r_r was the developer. So, I can kind of confirm this.

Thats weird i have talked to r_r previously and he said he wanted to make a admin system and nothing really else nothing about frappe

hm? well, im not sure about the frappe bit but he was a developer at frappe sand still is I believe so it could be inspired?

March only has 1-2 days left; maybe it could come on 31st or in april?

Wait there was no safe chat?!?!

it said next month on BAE chnagelogs now, so yes.

Hope it will release today, it’s still not released.

its not told by r_r that it’ll have a fixed release date. so you cant really keep hoping for it, it’s just a teaser that they put out.

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I doubt it will release soon.