Basic Admin Essentials V3

Lately, I have noticed that Basic Admins source has been changing…

The safechat system has changed to PolicyService instead of the Filter version, which is awesome!
He has also updated the debuggers to his new username.

	Debuggers = {
		[17253583] = "r_r",

Update Log:

	Changelog = [[[March 2024]
- Fixed the teleport command with sitting players
- Fixed the mouse label breaking when viewing pbans
- Fixed the name command
- Other miscellaneous changes
- Updated F3X Tool
- Updated Segway Tool

If there are any bugs, please let me (@r_r) know via a Roblox message. Basic Admin 3 is in active development is planned to be released this month, so there won't be any more updates to this version after that.]]
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Yep, basically @r_r (the developer of BAE) is experimenting how to implement a more ‘modern & simplistic’ system for BAE 3.0.

A YouTuber, that goes by the name of @BodiBlox made a video with r_r giving a ‘teaser’ towards BAE 3.0.

Below, will be attached a video of what I just explained.

BAE 3.0 | YouTube

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The background chats are a bit strange?..

I’m guessing this was a leak?

Yeah “BodieBlox” Has made multiple tutorials of basic admin on youtube so im guessing R_R ( Basic Admin Owner) gave him a pre-view of it.

But who is “MasterKingSirPlease”, why are they providing the screenshots and why are they telling him “I’ll be dead if anyone knows I sent”.

No “BodieBlox” Provided the screenshots. The messages were sent before it was confirmed V3 was coming so I’m guessing they didnt want it to be leaked at the time.

I see, this is big news then… :newspaper:


I was able to view the notification too…

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Mhm, very exiting. My only concern is; will it be used? After the success of BAE 2.0, I’m sure there will be lots of people hyper about it.

But, if you look at the videos, the hint, message and sever message Sui is very small and sleek. Personally, I think that BAE 2.0 will still get used; but we all know BAE 3.0 will get modified as soon as it’s released.

It takes time to get used to change. Also who knows if these images are 100% what the final product looks like?

You can’t be certain that this is what v3 will look like, BAE 2.0 has been out for a long time and there was no pressure for a v3, I would have hoped r_r spent a lot of time designing and thinking thoughtfully about the product.

If this was done correctly this should be good for V3, just to confirm Basic Admin Essentials V3 is planning to release sometime in March.

Yes, I’m sure the community will be buzzing for release date.

Super exiting they are finally releasing this cant wait to modify it into kanyou will finally give me something to do!

Apparently “somebody else” had given the screenshots to “BodieBlox” & in a seek for attention he decided to leak them.

my question is, what happened to BAE V.1 :sob:

[Old] Basic Admin Essentials - Creator Store (


Tbh the only thing im hoping from V3 is good UI, and better Trello something like at adonis.

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Welcome to the community! :wave:

While I’m hoping for better UI I still think the it would be cool to see more consistent updates and perhaps improved documentation.

It is still possible to make custom “plugins” although it’s quite tricky as you have to reverse it.

Ok so let me clear up some confusion, Those screenshots were not directly given to me by r_r even. It was not an attention stunt, more of just showing what we can expect to see. The MasterKingSirPlease person is a friend of mine and I didn’t feel like finding the pics file so I just got them from our dms. Hope that clears it all up!

How was MasterKingSirPlease able to get those? Did he get them leaked from a GC or anything like that?

It was @anon39693593 who got them, not MasterKingSirPlease.

To be honest, I think that these leaks were most likely intentional, and I think that there is more to come soon.

Also yes- i’m backkkk!