Basic Admin | On-Join PM

Games such as Pastriez have a feature with Basic Admin Essentials where once the user joins the game, a no-reply PM is sent to them. I’m trying to make this function with the Essentials Code script under mainModule. Could anyone help?

For reference, I’ve placed the following at the end of Essential Code’s script.

essentialsEvent:FireClient('PM','Text here.',nil)

Is the player actually loaded an in the game when this is fired, is this actually being fired, is it actually specific to the player joining?

Yes, it’s in the end of the essentials code as wait(2) which makes it fire once the player completely loads in.

It’s a command, such as Adonis’s “n” command but it stays. A user sends the command then it always sends to a user.

Place it in the player joining method, or make your own. also use the following

essentialsEvent:FireClient(playerinstance, 'PM','Text here.',nil)

Hi, the essentials code is a local script and can not support FireClient. Any other way would be appreciated.

theres a method in client code call displayPM, taking a few paramaters. I’ll describe how to use it when I’m done at school.

Hey! I normally use the main module so I will tell you what I would do for it. I would make a player added event and I would make sure the character was loader. I would add a wait(1) and then I would send the pm to the user.

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