Basic Admin Remade || A New type of Basic Admin

Hey Everyone!

Over the last few days, I’ve made a new type of Basic Admin.

You may download it here:
(4) Basic Admin Remade - Roblox

Find out how to use it here:
Basic Admin Remade | CoralCoastCommunity

Sorry for the short post!

Whats the difference?


You shouldn’t add yourself to the admin list if you don’t own the game, anyone will remove you because you could easily abuse their game.

The script is the same, so nothing was changed there,

And to be honest, it isn’t remade, everything is just the same with a UICorner on it, so anyone could of done this.

And also a !help command plugin which idk is @Boo

Sometimes BA won’t boot without a plugin.

Read the how to use link.

Sometime, People have trouble adding people. I did that to help them.

It states it in the script itself? So in theory, you are adding yourself to get admin in their game.

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r_r’s script:

Your “remade” script:

You have added yourself, even when the example was shown as is simple for others to understand. Kinda showing that you are adding yourself to the admin list.

Upcoming Changes

Basic Admin Remade is now requiring all Users to add Credits to their Modules. If you’re not using the Main Module, no changes are required.

If you are using the Main Module, please update the following Scripts:

MainModule, Essentials Code.

Why do we need to add Credits?

Basic Admin Remade is planning to add new things that no other admins have. Therefore, it requires lots of work to manage.

Require Support?

Please join our Discord Server for Support.

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How to use link doesn’t work @boo

Links works for me, are you sure your clicking on the right one?

Oh, no I ment the setup one

@Boo Are these things out yet?

The above website doesn’t work.


How can I change the font to Gothic?

Basic Admin Rename is discontinued, and I’ll most likely only update it 2-4 times yearly.

Support for this project is over.