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:wave: | I’m currently making an Anti Admin Abuse for Basic admin. Its fully working ( expect this )

Once a command is activated with a banned term it will kick you.

I’m having trouble canceling this command.

If anyone knows how to cancel a command in basic admin let me know!


You might have to customize the actual command, as in customize the code for the command. E.g: For the kick command you may need to edit the actual code that handles the kick command.

If you go to your module, there is a way - I’ll have to look. I believe it’s something with the player permission check, if you return after the command is denied it should work.

As I said I’ll check on this if I can remember.

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Found anything out or have you not tried?. Also with your thing it would have to check for any banned terms first.

I seem to have got this working I figured out how to filter an argument thanks for the support.

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