Become a real-life airline CEO

Establish Your own airway

Establishing your own airway is a great way to go, if you want to do this 100% yourself. So, here’s what to do if you’re establishing your own!

1. Purchase and design aircrafts

Set your budget, planes aren’t cheap, and special licenses are billions of dollars, you’ve got to be safe! For example, here’s a budget breakdown for one aircraft.

B737 - CA$7,917,932.11
Economy Seating (162 seats) - CA$4,751.59 for a row (3 seats)
Business Seats (12 Seats) - CA$158,396.53 (1 seat)
Livery - CA$128,928.50 (Basic)
Mood lighting - CA$100,000 (Estimate)
On board IFE - CA$10,000 (Estimate, each)
On-board wifi - CA$100,000 (Estimate, 4G)

Now, as we can tell, that’s expensive, and that’s for just one aircraft, excluding the license, which I’ll give details about now.

2. Licenses

Best for regional airways:
Smaller aircrafts are applicable for a FAA regional license* which only requires one pilot, so it even saves you money one employees.

Best for large airways:
Larger aircrafts are applicable for a FAA international license* which requires 2 pilots, and is much more cost worthy as, only a few lawyers in the US actually help obtain this.

3. Routes

Next, purchase gates at airports, or save money by purchasing tarmac space, but you’ll need airstairs. Your routes determine your customer base (business or leisure). Suggested starter routes:

  • Costa Rica to San Diego (cheap terminals)
  • Vancouver to Toronto (popular destination)
  • Singapore to Qatar (high profile customers)
  • Qatar to UAE (high profile customers)

4. In-flight service

Many carriers have exceptional in-flight service - which I highly suggest you look into. Environmentally Sustainable packaging adds a nice aesthetic and feel. Offer vegan, vegetarian and Pescatarians meals at a premium (or, if you’re really nice, free of charge). The warmer the service, the more likely people are to return.

5. How not to fail

Many startup airlines fail, and if they don’t fail, they don’t turn a profit, but I’m guessing that you’re wanting to turn a profit. Airlines like Spirit don’t turn a profit, but they’re reputable(ish), therefore, will eventually turn a profit. Airlines like United do turn a profit, and here’s why: they don’t spend money on things they don’t need, therefore, don’t buy something you don’t need (too many extra meals, reclining seats in economy, etc.).

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*= Name is most likely different legally, this was re-named for ease of reading.


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