Best places to host your discord bot?

Hi guys.

So I was in the middle of making a discord bot and someone reminded me that I will need a place to host it. I will want this bot online forever, and so it only goes offline when it needs an updates.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Digital Ocean, AWS, hetzner.

These are all places you could try!


Any that are free? I know this topic is old.

No, none of these are free, hosting will never be free unless you have some sort of trial, why would it be free?

Could I use replit for this?

Never, ever ever ever ever use replit as a host, it’s designed to be an IDE.

Oop. Ok. Even if it is like a member welcome bot?

Yes, also do you want some random person having access to all your code, or you possibly accidentally leaking your tokens?

Not worth it.

I guess. @Boo, Do you use one of these hosts for your modmail bot? Because that is my ultimate goal to create.

I don’t use one of these services, and I prefer to not disclose what I use, as it’s not doing very well right now, and I’d not like to make it worse.

Oh, Ok. I know that you would not like to disclose what you use, but can you disclose the price?