Best Roblox plugins to use?

Hi Cookie Tech!

So, I am in need of some new plugins on Roblox, and I have none in mind to get to help me with my work.

So, I thought I would come to you all and ask if you have any plugins that will be useful to my development.

I am a low poly developer on the platform, and I am soon to start some UI again, so if you have any plugins that will help me with that, that will be wonderful!


I would say Atmos.

I already have it, that’s how I get all my lighting so good due to configuring it.

I also use Interface Tools, I believe I have the Pro Version but I’m unsure.

I don’t really rely on Interface Tools anymore … I use to long time back, but now I can easily create my own UI styles.

As for the vectors, Interface Tools plugin doesn’t have a lot … I use external websites to find and create my own vector icons!

I use icon plugins for my icons, if it’s for a board or something like that. I don’t usually use the plugins due to not having enough use for them.

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