Best Roblox Premium Tiers - Comparision

Hey everyone!

You might remember a few Cookie Tech members talking about Roblox Premium in the past, but nobody has gone over the different tiers of Roblox Premium. Therefore I will be talking about that in this topic.

What is Roblox Premium?

Roblox Premium is essentially what is sounds like; it’s a premium, upgraded experience for Roblox players to use for a paid plan. Regardless of your Roblox Premium tier, anyone who has a Roblox Premium subscription gets benifits such as the ability to trade, get 10% off when buying Robux, discounted items and more!

What are the different tiers and comparisions?

Currently, there are three Roblox Premium tiers; Premium 450, Premium 1000, and Premium 2200.

Now, all of these tiers cost Robux, but you should choose wisely before purchasing a Premium subscription.

How do I perform the calculations?

It’s important and crucial to know how much money you are paying for the subscription, and if it’s worth it.

I do this buy calculating how much money I spend per Robux, or what I frequently call the cash per Robux calculation. Doing this calculation will allow you to see how much you are spending on a single Robux, so the lower amount you get means the less money you are spending per Robux, and that will give you a good idea of what Roblox Premium subscription you should purchase!

Now, let’s start off with seeing how much we are paying per Robux within the Premium 450 subscription tier by perfoming the following calculations. Please be advised, I am using Canadian currency for the calculations and your results may be different!

As you can see here, I am spending roughly 0.016 cents on a single Robux, if I were to purchase this subscription tier.

Now, let’s see how much I’m spending per Robux (in CAD) for the Premium 1000 subscription tier;

As you can see, I’m only spending about 0.014 cents on a single Robux in a single subscription! You can already tell, it’s slightly better than the Roblox Premium 450 subscription!

Let’s take a look at the last option, the Premium 2200 subscription tier;

Now we know that we are spending roughly 0.013 cents on the Premium 2200 subscription tier, which was overall the best tier using these calculations.


In conclusion, the Premium 2200 tier is the most recommended to use, with Premium 1000 just following behind and Premium 450 in the last place!

I would, personally, recommend anyone using Roblox Premium for the first time to go with the cheapest option, which is the Premium 450 tier.

If you are a top developer who has some cash to spare, you should go for the Premium 2200 tier! It is overall the most recommended tier to purchase if you want to get as many Robux from a Roblox Premium tier as possible.

However, if you are a developer and Roblox player who has a decent budget, Premium 1000 is the way to go! Many developers, players, and YouTubers choose this options, because it is the middle option and pretty affordable for most people.

I hope this resourceful post helped you decide your future Roblox Premium subscription! :heart:

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I have 450. I am thinking about changing to 1000.

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Sounds good!

Make sure you have enough to keep the subscription running automatically for a while, unless you want to switch tiers in between.

My Roblox Premium expired yesterday, and so I’ll take a break from Roblox Premium for a bit as I’ve been using Premium 1000 and Premium 450 for a few months now.

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dont wanna show my bank so i’ll just say that i have perfectly enough money. check my profile linked on my cookie profile

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@OH20_rbLX thank you so much for hearting a lot of my posts!!

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Really detailed and overall a great post - knew it got scientific when you pulled out the calculator :wink: