Blank search within Cookie Forums search history

Hey Cookie Tech!

While using the search section to find topics, I noticed that the search history doesn’t appear to be working properly. An example can be seen below, where a blank search is stored in the search history for no apparent reason;

Hope to see this fixed soon!

This is a way to clear your search.

This happened to me without clearing it.

Are you on safari? Safari often has many issues, such as image upload or cookies getting messed up.

I was using the search on the Chrome browser.

At the moment I can’t reproduce this feature, I will see if there I can reproduce this later on.

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No, I was too on chrome, however it works a bit better on safari.

What’s the definition of ‘works better’ on Safari … ?

Well history isn’t there, everything else is.

Update on Bug

For some reason, search history doesn’t seem to show up anymore …

A caching issue was most likely then. :smile:

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