Blox Restaurant | V2

Hello Cookie Tech! :wave:

Today, is the release of my game Blox Restaurant. Blox Restaurant is an dining game where you can do a roleplay, order food, and much more!

Watch the trailer below: :point_down:

:paperclip: Trailer:
:paperclip: Game: Blox Restaurant - Roblox

Have an nice day! :cookie:

Its looking good! Just, these UIs are out of place?

And, the chat function has broken. I cannot chat/

Hey! Good job on the game and all, but most of your UI (Settings and mainmenu) appear to be very very similar to Asadrithโ€™s assets. Not sure if you want to comment on that or not, other than that, really good job!

The chat function and the GUIs works for me, maybe try rejoining the game!

The Loading and Settings UIs are from Asadrithโ€™s.

Itโ€™s a bug, it happens every time I rejoin and takes ages to appear. It could be to do with the loading screen if it disables that during the loading?

Hm, thatโ€™s weird, I will look at it tomorrow. Thanks for the report!

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