Boo's Portfolio

Hey there, Cookie Tech! :wave:

I’ve made an updated portfolio for myself, check it out below :point_down:

About Me

Howdy, I’m Boo. I’m an Artist on the roblox platform, making realistic ads into roblox.

I own a tech group, called tile, and a roleplay group, called Coral Coast Hotels (soon to be changed).

My Work

I’ve made a ton of work, view it below!

:warning: All ads were simply placeholder names.

Looking to buy?

Right now, I’m only selling the FreshBlox+ ad, contact me for more information.

Contact Me

You can find me at…

@Boopup4 on twitter.
@Boopup on Discord.
@Boo on the forums.
@Boopup_hi on the devforum.


Absolutely amazing, especially the FreshBlox+ thing.


This is amazing work @Boo, very well done!


Just to make this clear - All ads were simply placeholder names.

i really like your work! very well made! if i need an ad i defenetly will contact you. and i would pay a bit more Robux as i would need to pay as they are looking FANTASTIC

I’ve created a brand new portfolio awhile ago on my website, checkout this new one out.