Buttons are too dark on hover

Hey Cookie Tech!

Whenever I hover over a button that is within the ‘create new topic’ box, the icons become too dark and nearly impossible to see.

I suggest to make the hover button color lighter, as it would make the visibility easier.

Image when not hovered:

Screenshot 2022-04-03 1.53.10 PM

Image when hovered:

Screenshot 2022-04-03 1.53.29 PM

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Something seems off.

What device are you on?

Image from Gyazo

The images were taken from my Chromebook device.

It may have been a bug with the screenshotting software?

I don’t think so … anyhow, I managed to get a screen recording if you want to take a look;

You may have a Google extension that’s doing this.

It might be the custom mouse.


Maybe could be the custom mouse, but others don’t have this problem so it could be the device they are using.

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It’s a feature on Chromebooks that allows you to recolor your mouse. I’ll try this on my Windows device and see what the outcome is.

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Actually; it’s not. I’m on a windows laptop, with no custom mouse, and it does the same thing.
(Sorry for such a late reply…)


Strange, I will need to look into that. Is there anything I can do to reproduce this issue?

Not that I know of. I’m using standard dark mode on a windows laptop.

This seems to occur randomly at times …

If could be the theme doing this, some have the blue one.

I get this on my iPhone 11 as well, no plugins no random things.

Browser Details

Browser: Firefox for iOS
Browser Version: 100.1 (9384)

Phone Details

Model: iPhone 11
Version: iOS 16.0 Developer Beta

There is your issue.

I used another phone, same version of Firefox but on iOS 15.6, same issue.

What is the issue with this, you can’t use plugins?

I’m trying to say that the issue shows on both of my phones. No plugins. Nothing added.

Strange, I will need to investigate further, I don’t experience any issues on my device. Some plugins might not be available on mobile due to compatibility issues, it all depends.

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