Byfron - Roblox Shaders/FPS Not Banned?

Hey there, everyone!

Recently, we’ve received confirmation from RTC on Twitter that Byfron will not block the usage of Roblox shaders and FPS unlockers!

We can see in the tweet below that RTC Twitter confirms the news;

This is great news for Roblox players who love using shaders and FPS unlockers, because those players have been beyond worried for the past week when Roblox announced that Byfron will be begin to roll out to Roblox players worldwide.

What do you make of this? Looking forward to hear your thoughts below! :heart:


Glad to hear this, fps unlockers are essential for many people who plan competitive games on Roblox.

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This is great news for many people. I’m glad this announcement was updated.

Yep. Especially for film makers or people who just love using shaders, they would have quit the platform if their visuals were dimmed by some anti-cheat software. As for FPS unlocker players, they would have had to stay within the cap limit while they can run Roblox at a higher FPS level.