Bypass Roblox AFK (20 mins thingy)

Hi guys! I’m interested on How to bypass roblox 20 mins afk on my game. I don’t mean myself, I mean players in my game have something To turn on “AFK Mode” and they dont get kicked after 20 mins. Does someone know how to do this?

I have an idea! You could just make an “!afk” command that teleports you to a room made out of invisible walls and that has invisible parts. Make the parts move you in a loop! :))


This is just an idea! To be honest, not the best but it still is an idea! Also, when they want to return to the game, they can say “!unafk” or something like this.

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Hmmm! Idk, I want it like on every part of The Max that happen, I saw it on other games. Says “AFK” above your head and also you dont get kicked, but on whatever place you are.

It’s a really good idea thought! I’ll take note in case needed!

Ok! You could make an afk line then, somewhere, that basically, when you touch it, moves you on it in a loop until you say “!unafk” and you can also set the speed to 0 so the player won’t be able to move until he says “!unafk” and you can also make a chat tag or a section in leaderboard called “AFK”. In case you want to make the leaderboard thingy, you could make it so it says “True” or “False”. This is a good thing that gives players the option to search another player on the leaderboard and see if they are afk.

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The thing is this is a game, Not a work game, no hotels, it’s a roblox game.

Yes. What does that have to do with anything? LOL! I just said you could place afk lines on the map!

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Yeah but on a game you don’t see afk lines, you see that on Training centers, Hotels, etc… You don’t see for example afk line on jailbreak or adopt me lol!

Yeah but at the same time you don’t see an afk bypasser in jailbreak, adopt me, Brookhaven… Anyway that is just my idea!

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Okay thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

Use an auto clicker!

Autoclickers are kind of shady … people can get in trouble if they get caught by players or anti-exploit systems that have the ability to detect spam clicks.

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I put a conveyor belt in every floor of a map, they move slowly (unnoticeable) so that when player goes AFK, the movement is registered and the player will not be kicked.

That’s pointless. The AFK thing is there to clear room in the server/game for those that have been inactive for 20 minutes or more. A conveyer belt won’t let the play stay in the game as the player is not moving the character.

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You could jump the player every few minutes while they’re AFK to ensure that they aren’t kicked. You could also move them a tad forward and then back. I’m not sure if this would work because the game isn’t detecting input; I don’t think there’s a good way to bypass this. It kicks after 20 minutes of you having no user input, I believe, not if you’re moving.

Make it so the player teleports back to the same game every 19 minutes.


I’ve seen it where there’s a script that makes the player rejoin.
As far as I know, the 20-minute timer is also in the client.
Here’s a DevForum post on this.

Most admin systems have a !afk command to use…

There is no need for a ‘afk’ mode.

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

local elapsed = 0

if connection then
connection = nil
elapsed = 0

local connection
connection = game.RunService.Heartbeat:Connect(function(delta)
elapsed += delta
if elapsed >= 1199 then
elapsed -= 1199

totally didnt just accidently leak some code from venture