Calling on Roblox?

Imagine if you could call somebody in Roblox, doesn’t that sound like a stupid idea.

We all know how much of a security hazard that could be.

There are different types of calls and statuses that are inside of Roblox’s logs, such as:

  • Notifications for missed calls

  • Statuses for either Idle, Ringing, Active

  • Participation Statuses: Invited or Joined

  • User Presence Type

Right now it seems like Roblox is just messing around with being able to call friends on Roblox, which I don’t know, I’m not sure if I like the idea of that, but nobody really knows exactly what the people have in mind. This could be something that completely doesn’t happen.

I hope if they do release this it will be as secure as possible. What are your opinions on this everybody and what are your bets on what you think it will be?


This is really interesting! Calling on Roblox can certainly be a possibility, but it doesn’t make sense … If Roblox Corporation already acquired Guilded, is there really a point in having a calling feature within Roblox itself? I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

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Good point, I didn’t consider that, what would be the point of acquiring guilded if they didn’t use the calling feature?

Maybe they could use guilded as the calling platform and integrate it into the roblox platform though.

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That’s what I was thinking as well. It’s still a pretty good idea, and it shouldn’t be too hard to integrate Roblox with Guilded … unless, of course, Roblox wants to create a calling system which doesn’t involve third-parties.

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