Can I add a weather feature to Admino?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been pondering this thought for about a month now. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a built-in weather system that essentially shows the weather of the local user’s location.

Now, before you comment, let’s say we had a dropdown where you could select various locations. Once you select a specific city, let’s say London (not the one in Ontario), the panel will fetch the weather data from, a widely used website for seeing the weather of various cities around the globe.

However, I am also unsure if this would be a violation of the Roblox Terms of Use even if I had a notice that stated we, Admino, do not collect any data related to weather settings.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! :heart:

I don’t think that’s possible unless you put what your country is at the front and you would constantly update it (which would be very annoying). I doubt this would happen, but you could try contacting to see if they could talk to roblox to link their platforms. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s possible.

I have also Checked their TOU and it looks like you’ll be fine to do that.

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It’s a good idea, But I think you should make your own Time system for Safety Reasons.

I’m sure it’d be fine, you’d have to find the api. ROBLOX allows you to get a users local timezone, you can also use that to find their local location and weather.

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Is there a way to find the API though? I’m not sure how to do that really.

I’m not exactly sure how you would find the API.

Based on a quick look at the page source it looks like there are several mentions of the keyword ‘api.’


I actually did something like this where I tracked the tube status, as long as you don’t link the URL you should be okay to go, be careful though, make sure you read the API providers ToS, they may require credit which means you won’t be able to use the API.

Regarding that, Сurrent weather and forecast - OpenWeatherMap might be your saviour, I’m going to make a Tutorial on this, it looks like a fun project to make!

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You need an API Key thought.

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I’ve used openweathermap before, quite reliable.

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I’ve seen this before in roblox, where you’re able to access the “weather”, you just need a site that has an api.


I think environment Canada might have an api.

Might not though, not sure.


IBM has an api, however, I believe it’s paid.

I’ll link it here though.


But let’s say the user lives in the US, I’m not sure Environment Canada would show weather statistics for other countries.

You could give OpenWeather or AccuWeather a go.

I live in the UK, so Environment Canada is just useless.

Thanks! There’s a whole page with different types of weather/map APIs, I think the free plan might do;