Can I merge BAE's features with my own UI?

Hey everyone!

Recently, I started using BAE v2 for my in-development panel project, Admino. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s my ultimate panel project to assist Roblox game creators to manage their experiences, while having extra features such as chats, events, and team management.

I’ve taken a look around BAE, and I’ve noticed that it’s not that hard to use and it seamlessly adds commands to any experience. From what I’ve seen, too, the UI is customizable.

However, my panel project has been in development stages for about 2-3 years, and during that time I’ve drastically improved my own UI for Admino (see panel pics below)

Admino UI

Home UI

Events UI

Chats UI

DISCLAIMER: These UIs aren’t fully functional yet. All are subject to change. :warning:

As you can see, I’ve spent countless months on my own UI revamp for my panel project, and at the same time I’ve discovered just how useful BAE is.

So, this leads me to the question; would it be possible for me to replace BAE’s UI with my own interfaces? Or, can I “shift” all of BAE’s commands so that they can be used in my own panel? And if so, how can I do this?

Looking forward to your ideas! :heart:

I should probably add to this … I’ve had barely any experience with BAE as I’ve only found a reason to use it for my panel mere days ago. I love BAE’s features, but I’m not sacrificing my UI for it … so I need to either integrate BAE’s commands into my panel, or replace BAE’s UI with my own UI and hope it works (I have a feeling the first option is easier to do but I need to know for sure). :smile:

Yes, it’s possible - but you also have to consider the opportunity cost. It’s possible to link BAE to your UI but I believe it would be very complicated as the two are not very similar, you would probably have to write a lot of extra code or take a lot of things out of your current UI.

You’re probably better off writing a fresh piece of software to handle this UI rather then to alter BAE.

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I see, that makes sense … it might be complicated to merge them.

What do you mean by this though? (quote below)

As in your better off making your own code that is bespoke to Admino rather then using BAE as the backend.

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