Can you make animated trailers for ROBLOX game with Blender?

Hey everyone!

While I was using Blender to create my Roblox GFX, something occured to me. Will it be possible to make an animated trailer for my ROBLOX games?

If you have an answer, let me know!



Of course you can!

What blender version are you currently using?


However, it can be a bit tedious.

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if your using the latest, you can use the animation tab to make keyframes and move around your characters.

Have a look at this video!

When animating, make sure that everything feels smooth and natural, what I like to do is try to imitate the characters actions with my arms & then to copy it across, this will feel more natural!


The latest one, 2.93 LTS

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Yep, you can follow the tutorial above.

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You can use roblox studio to animate too!!

Yes, but for more advanced trailers it’s better to use Blender, as well as for things like lighting and particles.

which is exactly what I do and it works smoother and doesnt lag like other peoples animations who have done it on blender

Blender is also how people make the realistic water videos.

And glass, reflection and the render will be more successful as its rendered frame by frame.

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It is extremely hard imo to make one and I am looking to find a free one you can download for blender.

What do you mean by that; are you talking about the glass or reflection, or the animation?

Animation. :smiley: Heh. I am looking for like a water animation.

What about this?

Yes you can use TweenService.

Take my cutscene model in my inventory! User: DavidTDC3377

You can’t use TweenService for animating rigs … ?

Totally right there, maybe he means you can use it for the cutscene?