Can you really script vc in ROBLOX?

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Just wanted to know, is it really possible to script a voice chat in your ROBLOX game with options such as mute/unmute?

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Yes this would be tacky & port probably very much against rules, but it would be possible.

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So, you would need a website that people go to , then on the website they would have to verify their account.

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Afterwards, they would have to record an audio on the website, then the website would have to send a request to a bot to upload the audio.

When the audio is uploaded they need to get the audio I’d, and then play it in the game.

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Ohhhh, I’m dumb, I’m not sure if You can add unmute / mute features, roblox should add that be default but I think you will only be able to allow voice chat in your game or not.

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Because if you could unmute someone mix that could be dangerous and against the law even in some cases

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someone did this bfr, flamingo made a vid on it


I’m not sure you can mute/unmute players voice!

Lol at least ROBLOX voice chat is coming out now.

You can mute/unmute others. I have access to the beta voice chat.

Im not sure. All I know is that mute/unmute for music scripts.

If you want to enable vc in your game. Go to Game settings, and I think its at privacy. Im not sure since roblox is down.

Yes, you could really script vc in roblox.

But the downfall to this is that you will need third-party websites and they aren’t the best. Soon Roblox VC will be out for everyone over the age of 13. So there will be no need for third-party vc games.

It’s only for certain games.

Oh. That’s weird. I did it for my game.

Then you were selected to allow beta member to b able to edit it.

It is! You can create a web and make you can save recordings, or live, and with a webhook make it into the game. It’s really difficult tho, and against roblox Tos.

I mean I have that to. I can enable voice on my games, even on my roblox group

Yes I realize that it may be against ToS now in some ways. But at least we have VC coming out soon so hopefully that would be a solution to my question.

I saw a game where you could control it by screaming.

Feels like a privacy risk though if used in the wrong hands?

Especially if they can get lots of data from the voice chat.

(Sorry for bumping this old post, just wanted to make a point.)

(Sorry for bumping this post)

I don’t have voice chat but when you unmute or mute a player, I think it’s local. Just like a mute on chat (using /mute [player] || /unmute [player]).

Only you can not hear it, other players can unless they muted it themselves.