Canadian Radio Station plays “Killing in the name of” for 2+ days

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As you may or may not know, a Canadian radio station (KiSS 104.9 FM) has recently fired all hosts (Kevin Lim, Sonia Sindhu, TJ, etc) two days ago, then, yesterday, they began playing “Killing in the name of” by Rage against the machine, the song aired once, then again, and after tuning in a few moments ago (Tune-in via TV), they’re still playing the song. If you message them requesting a new song, your request is overturned (declined). After doing some research, I’ve found out they’ve rebranded to SONiC 104.9, from Edmonton.

Doing research for this post, I’ve further found out that their site has shut down ( SONiC’s website can be found here!

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So, what are your thoughts?


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Also, this “stunt” went viral on thousands of news outlets, including:

The Guardian
Rolling Stone

I’ve never heard of the KiSS radio station, but this situation is really strange …

Hi, we’re SONiC. The New Alternative.

Thats what I saw when I went on SONiC website, does this mean KiSS is shut down temporary?

This is KiSS radio station, kiss radio - بحث Google‏

No, KiSS has 100% shut down, unfortunately.

By the new alternative, they mean ALT music.

Yeah, since the KiSS lower mainland station is now SONiC, I’ll like their other station websites here:

However, Rozz and Mocha, DJ Clymaxxx, Deepa Prashad, Chris Kelly and a few other shows are available on the other KiSS stations.

However, Kevin and Sonia aren’t on the other stations, unfortunately. They were my favourite hosts, hopefully they’ll find work at another station shortly.

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Find the moment KiSS became SONiC: 104.9 Vancouver transitions from KISS Radio to Sonic - YouTube

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Aww that sucks. I used to listen to kiss radio alot. They’re still up where I live. However that sucks for old listeners. Right now I just listen to Jump 106.9

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I don’t entirely mind SONiC, it’s a bit similar, and I don’t mind the shows, they’re good hosts.

I’ve got an update for y’all.

@KevinLimOnAir on Twitter has added “Syndicated Canadian Radio host” to his Twitter bio :face_with_monocle:

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And Tara Jean is now on Wave 98.3 as the star :star: of their morning show!

Read up:

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