CCTV camera issues

I have a problem with the CCTV cameras model that was from your YouTube video I made a script for it so it can give the tablet to certain people depending on the rank in my group but when I finished it and works and I try it out and open the tablet to put the password the player finder doesn’t work and when u click on a camera u can’t go back or return need help please and thanks

Could you provide a video of the issues you’re experiencing?

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i cant upload the video

Try using something like Google Drive, Youtube, ect.

ok doing right now on youtube uploading

here you go the youtube vid

Never seen that happen before, have you checked the console?

yes i showed the console in my vid but idk what to do tbh i just made that script to give perms to my group rank members only

There don’t seem to be any errors, might want to contact Theta, the creators of the system.

uhm alr ty ig have a great day

Sorry I couldn’t help you.

ahh its alright dont even worry about it its all good lol

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