Changes to audio update

I recently made a post on @Deleted_User12 's post about the issue of the new update.

Around 2 hours ago roblox made an official response to this.

So we can see here that roblox has no intent of changing the deadline, it’s a hard deadline & they do apologise for how disruptive the changes are, however this is not the first time us developers or even players get constantly “disrupted” by ROBLOX’s changes.

Just to name an example a few months ago Roblox updated the ToS, inside of the Tos there were multiple typos that were severely difficult to understand.

In addition to this ROBLOX often makes updates to the platform that have no been brought up or discussed with the community, this update wouldn’t have been such of a terrible change if they had warned us in advance, maybe a month before:

I understand roblox has to legally remove these audios however, if they brought it up with the community & if we could all work together and communicate on a good idea, it would have been easier for everyone including roblox.

To put it quite frankly Roblox’s public communications is horrendous. :skull:

It makes it really difficult for us developers to start pushing updates to our game, hopefully roblox will consider discussing updates with the community, I’m sure roblox knew this was an issue a long time before they had to create this post, so why they didn’t think of it earlier or communicate with the community, I personally have no idea.

Swiftly moving on.

Roblox states that they will be trying to protect most SFX, hopefully roblox stands by there word and will continue to protect SFX, in addition to this I’m glad that they’re adding many sound effects however sometimes having something custom is the best way to go.

This is probably the best part of this post :grin:

In this post roblox goes over the integration of “Asset Permissions”, this is a feature I strongly vouch for, if you can make “Asset Permissions” maybe you could make a “licensing system”, where you can sell audio pack to people & then a bot will automatically give you permission to these sound effects, cool! :sunglasses:

Personally, I don’t mind too much about the Upload Limits, I will leave that up to you to decide.

I’m glad that for once roblox has came out with the issue, addressed the issue and will state they won’t do it again.

I would love to hear your opinions on this,

@cookie :star2:


I’m legitimately considering making my own songs for games, opinions?

I might consider making my own songs
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First my Roblox account gets deleted, then no reply from them…
And now another terrible update roblox doesn’t want to revert. How is this ‘protecting creators rights’?

Because some creators upload audio for their game but people come along and steal it?

This is extremely stupid. Companies are supposed to listen to feedback but instead of fixing their lazy moderation they decide to go ahead and bring trouble to peoples games? personally I have never really used audio in my games so this problem wont affect me.

However couldn’t you just take copyright free music and put it in your games though, aslong as you credit it by putting something like this in the description?

[Artist] - [Song]
[Link to song]
CC BY-SA 4.0

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I was actually considering doing this for the Cookie Tech channel.

But this entire video is why I decided to pay for an epidemic sound subscription:

Roblox doesn’t want to go through the legal hassle of these copyright claims, to be honest I really don’t mind too much about this update, I mean, if platforms like YouTube have to restrict users from using copyright audios why shouldn’t roblox have to do that?

We all knew that this going to happen, so we can’t entirely blame roblox for doing this, the only annoying part of this update is the lack of communication, planning & warning us beforehand, but it is what it is, roblox won’t change this back, so I think we now just need to accept the fact that 50% of the catalogue is going to go.

Yes, Roblox does not really have a choice, as they’ve also been sued several times for this specific reason; uploading copyrighted music.

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It’s happened roblox is now mute.

For some strange reason models doesn’t shop up either:

Perhaps the servers are stressed from deleting all the audio?

RIP Roblox games, ER:LC also shutdown servers earlier to fix the audio.

In the meantime, I’m going to be visiting some games to see just how terrible this update is …

:notes: Say goodbye to all music players too!

Look at this Message:

This was posted on the devforum.


Great, as I expected, they may be having another server issue. It would be funny if everything was accidently deleted.

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Yeah, lol. But Basic Admin and CheckMeIn and all that other stuff would be gone.